One of the most important considerations when choosing fertility care is the success rates of the clinic. You want a facility that has a history of getting results, plus expert medical attention and compassionate care. CWRC at Columbia University Medical Center has achieved excellent birth rates in assisted reproductive technology for more than a decade—in fact, more than 8,000 babies have been born as a result of IVF treatment at the Center. Our expert physicians, caring staff, and cutting-edge treatment options all provide added benefits towards reaching your fertility goals.

We have achieved these success rates among both younger and older women with IVF treatment. For women under 40 years old, successful deliveries occur for nearly one in every three patients ages 35-37 and one in every four patients ages 38-40. With no treatment, the chances of these women having a baby would have been between 0.05% and 4% at best. At CWRC, we have a history of making treatment accessible to a wider population of patients which includes even the most challenging cases. Thanks to our mission, patients with diverse histories of infertility are now proud mothers after being treated here.

2007-2011 Success Rates

Age Group Transfers No. of Clinical
% of Clinical
No. of Live Births
Per Embryo Transfer
% of Live Births
Per Embryo Transfer
< 35 yrs 1484 948 64% 703 47%
35-37 yrs 1076 619 58% 403 37%
38-40 yrs 1276 593 46% 358 28%
41 yrs 693 274 40% 119 17%
>42 yrs 445 84 19% 24 5%
*DIVF 564 385 68% 298 53%
*FET 738 441 60% 273 37%
*DFET 169 81 48% 54 32%
Total Transfers 6445

*DIVF: IVF using donor oocytes
*FET: frozen embryo transfers
*DFET: frozen embryo transfers using donor oocytes

Please note: A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches and entrance criteria for ART may vary from clinic to clinic.

How to Interpret Success Rates

Interpreting success rate statistics for IVF requires some caution. As a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, CWRC adheres to the guidelines for reporting success rates for IVF procedures each year. As stated on their website, “Patient characteristics vary among programs; therefore, these data should not be used for comparing clinics.” Each clinic has different criteria regarding who it accepts into its program and the types of fertility cases they treat. For example, if a clinic selects mostly candidates with a great chance for success (i.e., a younger women with hormone levels indicating a good ovarian reserve), they are likely to have higher success rates than a clinic that treats more difficult or complex cases.

We do not automatically turn away patients based on age or existing medical conditions that may complicate conception and pregnancy. If you have specific questions about our success rates, our staff will be happy to discuss this with you.

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For a more detailed description and breakdown of our success rates, please visit the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology website

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