The Food and Fertility Connection

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Angela Le, a licensed acupuncturist, says she has seen firsthand how better eating habits help women going through fertility treatment, and in her regularly scheduled Fertility and Nutrition workshop, she can show how you can benefit from a healthier diet too.


Getting Started: Being More Successful from the Beginning Workshop

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    Getting Started: Being More Successful from the Beginning Workshop

Fertility treatment can be a confusing process for first-time patients: How do I know if I am infertile? Am I too old to undergo treatment? Is IVF (in vitro fertilization) the only option? How expensive is it? These are very common questions, and we want to help you by addressing them in our “Getting Started: Being More Successful from the Beginning” workshop. (more…)

Upcoming Workshop Explores Yoga and Infertility

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Both Karen Safire and Barrie Raffel successfully used yoga while they were trying to conceive, and now they are sharing their knowledge on yoga and infertility with others. Studies have shown that stress can be a barrier to conception, and yoga can be a highly beneficial practice to reduce stress and anxiety. With regular practice, restorative poses may regulate hormonal function, increase circulation to the pelvic organs, and uncover habitual patterns of holding or tension. It can also work as a coping strategy for those feeling overwhelmed by the process of trying to conceive. (more…)