In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) requires an egg and a sperm, of course. But if a woman is unable to produce a viable egg, she may also need to turn to egg donation. Here at CWRC, we work with such women to find just the right donor.

First, the woman who will receive the donor egg in order to become pregnant undergoes preliminary testing to determine if egg donation is the right choice for her. This assessment includes blood tests, hormonal screening, infectious disease and genetic testing, cervical cultures for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and a Pap smear. In addition, imaging studies will assess the physical integrity and structure of her uterus. A mammogram and an echocardiogram may also be required.

If the woman is a good candidate, we will then help her select from a pool of anonymous egg donors. These are healthy young women from the New York area who are recruited through various avenues, such as advertisements and word of mouth. They are screened in a comprehensive, multi-step process that includes the examination of medical, genetic, ancestral, social, educational, and reproductive histories. Recruited donors must also have a valid social security number.

Are donor eggs right for you? For more information on how donor eggs with IVF works, please visit our Egg Donors page or contact us directly.

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To learn more about egg recipients and the egg donation process, download our Donor Oocyte (Egg) Recipents Handbook

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