In-network Infertility Care

We are pleased to be one of the very few medical school programs in the United States that offers comprehensive infertility care while accepting in-network managed care contracts for IVF.

If you have insurance coverage for IVF, you can save thousands of dollars by selecting an in-network provider. To locate us under your Insurance Directory as in-network providers, look up “Center for Women’s Reproductive Care at Columbia University” OR one of our physicians by name:

In-network Accepted Insurances

All of our doctors are “In-network” providers for all the insurances that we accept listed below. By selecting in-network providers, such as Columbia University Fertility Center, you can save significantly on out-of-pocket expenses. Negotiated fees between provider and insurance company are usually lower than those charged out-of-network. This is important to patients who have dollar limits on their infertility coverage and need to stretch those dollars over more than one treatment cycle. With in-network providers, patients do not incur out-of-pocket expenses for covered services, except for co-pays and co-insurance.

Our affiliated anesthesiologists and urologists generally accept the same in-network benefits. Our intention is to enable you to have a seamless experience at Columbia Fertility which will allow you to maximize your in-network health insurance coverage for your infertility treatment.

Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company Prior to Your First Visit

  • What fertility benefits do I have under my current insurance policy?
  • Is there maximum dollar expenditure for fertility service? If so, what is the dollar amount and how much have I used to date, how much do I have left?
  • Are there specific requirements that I need to follow that entitle me to fertility services? For example, are referrals or pre-authorization?
  • If referral and authorization are required, how often will they need to be updated?
  • Is there a limit to the number of attempts allowed for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?
  • Is there a limit to the number of attempts allowed for Artificial Insemination (IUI)?
  • If my insurance covers fertility services, do I meet the medical criteria for fertility services?
  • If my policy does not cover fertility services, will diagnostic treatment be covered?

Out Of Network Insurances

If CWRC does not participate with your health care insurance plan, you will be required to pay our fees. Generally, treatment cycles must be paid in advance. At the time of payment we can provide you with a breakdown of the services included in each treatment cycle. We provide HCFA 1500s to patients after the services are delivered and paid in full. Please advise us if your out-of-network insurance plan has pre-authorization requirements and we will do our best to assist with providing the requested material. Columbia Fertility is not responsible for determining pre-authorization or any other requirements for patients with out-of-network health insurance. It is the patient’s responsibility to follow up with any out-of-network insurance carrier issues.

Partial medication subsidies may be available through pharmaceutical companies based on patient economic need.

New York State Department of Health Infertility Demonstration Program

Columbia University Fertility Center participates in the NYS Department of Health Infertility Demonstration Program, which provides financial support to insured patients without coverage for IVF and gamete intrafallopian tube (GIFT) transfer. The program also covers qualified privately insured individuals whose insurance for these procedures is exhausted or inadequate, and who have exhausted basic infertility services.

Under this program, individuals with insurance but without full infertility coverage (including In Vitro Fertilization – IVF) can obtain State of New York Department of Health financial support for an IVF cycle. The patients must meet certain criteria including being a New York State Resident between the ages of 21-44, be clinically infertile and other clinical and program criteria.

Services will be paid by the NYS, through the providers, with the exception of any insurance reimbursement available, and a cost sharing amount that the patients will be required to pay. This cost sharing amount varies by the patient’s household income and the cost of the procedures, but cannot exceed ten percent of the patient’s gross household income in any one year. Financial support is available on a sliding scale basis and extends to patients with household income up to $200,000. Patients interested in determining whether they are eligible for participation in the program should contact our Admissions Counselor.

Contact Us for Eligibility