Both Karen Safire and Barrie Raffel successfully used yoga while they were trying to conceive, and now they are sharing their knowledge on yoga and infertility with others. Studies have shown that stress can be a barrier to conception, and yoga can be a highly beneficial practice to reduce stress and anxiety. With regular practice, restorative poses may regulate hormonal function, increase circulation to the pelvic organs, and uncover habitual patterns of holding or tension. It can also work as a coping strategy for those feeling overwhelmed by the process of trying to conceive.

“Restorative yoga is composed of deep resting poses where the body is supported by yoga props,” Raffel explains. “These poses help to elicit the body’s innate relaxation and healing response, which will lower stress and foster feelings of well-being.”

As registered yoga teachers with the national organization Yoga Alliance, they offer lectures, seminars, and workshops geared towards anyone planning on or trying to conceive.

“We discuss various approaches and modifications to a yoga practice that are designed to encourage fertility”, Safire says. “The ideas and concepts can be applied either at home or in a regular yoga class. The information is geared toward those new to yoga as well as seasoned yoga practitioners.”

“We set up a restorative pose with all the props and give participants an opportunity to try it out,” Raffel says. “We discuss how to set up the pose at home, some of the conditions needed to elicit the relaxation response, and the physiological benefits of the pose.”

Join us for a workshop on yoga and infertility on Wednesday, November 20th at 6:30pm at the CWRC-Columbus Circle location. Led by Barrie Raffel, she will guide you through restorative yoga poses with hands-on instruction and information on practicing these poses at home. The event is free and open to the public. To register, visit our upcoming events page. For more information on Karen Safire and Barrie Raffel, visit their website.